Test & Tag West Takapuna

Are you compliant & safe?

Are all your business machines, equipment and electrical appliances compliant with NZ standards?

How long has it been since you’ve had them tested and tagged?

It’s time to ensure your electrical testing is up-to-date and compliant with the Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) regulations!

electrical testing

Express Test & Tag West Takapuna is your local Test & Tag service that can handle electrical testing in all office, workshop and industrial environments. With a strong background in IT and Manufacturing, Franchise Owner Duke is aware of the many responsibilities shouldered by business owners and managers, and how difficult it can be to schedule in this essential task. Duke can take the task off your hands and will program in your checks according to regulation timeframes so you no longer need to worry about it!


Excellence in customer satisfaction and service is the hallmark of Express Test & Tag West Takapuna. You can expect total professionalism, backed by a superior knowledge base with the promise of getting the best price available – Duke will beat any competitors’ quote by 10%.

Duke is a long-time resident of the North Shore and he knows the challenges of running a small business in the local community. It can be difficult to switch off computers, machines and electrical devices during business hours, so Duke will provide his service after hours or on the weekend to avoid disruption to staff and your business operations. He will even include a free electrical items health check whilst on the job!

What type of electricals require testing and tagging?

Express Test & Tag West Takapuna will check:

  • Office Equipment: Computers and monitors; printers, faxes and copiers; power boards and extension leads; desk and table lamps; refrigerators, kettles, toasters, vacuum cleaners etc.
  • Industrial: Power tools, machinery, power leads, extension cords, workshop equipment and more.
  • Microwave: Did you know, microwave leakage can damage human cells and tissue and is impossible to detect without dedicated equipment! A microwave check will alleviate your worries and start at just $9.95
  • Wi-Fi Signal Analysis: Where is the sweet spot for your Wi-Fi signal? Positioning your Wi-Fi router in the right spot can speed up the efficiency of your office. Wi-Fi sweet spot detecting is an additional service that is offered.
  • Cable Management: Jumbles of cables are not only messy but are a health and safety hazard. Duke includes cable management and organisation after the Test & Tag service.
  • Electrical Testing AS / NZ 3760: Duke will schedule Test & Tag Services according to the Testing Time Interval Table as specified by NZ standards so you are always continuously and fully compliant.

Express Test & Tag West Takapuna offers a quality and friendly service. Duke is fully insured and passionate about creating workplace safety in Takapuna, Glenfield and Westlake.


For a limited time only, Express Test & Tag Takapuna is offering a 20% discount for the first 100 items that require a test and tag service and a bonus 10% discount for the next 100 items!

To take advantage of this incredible offer, call now on 0800 Express (0800 397737).