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Express Test and Tag St Marys is a team of qualified appliance testers. We test in-service electrical appliances as per AS/NZS 3760: 2010 standards, to aide businesses to comply with electrical (safety) regulations 2010 and provide a safer work environment for their employees.

Why do you need our service?

It is obligatory for PCBU’s to get all appliances that use a plug to connect to the power supply, tested in order to adhere and comply with electrical and OSH regulations. Electrical appliance can only be known “safe to use” when “tested and tagged”. Employers must take all possible steps to ensure safety. In an evident event of accident with untagged appliance, PCBU may be penalized or even be prosecuted. Also, insurance claims can be rejected or affected due to non-compliance and business and its reputation can be at risk, as clients and competitors may know about it.

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Why us?

“Safety at workplace” is our motto. To provide “service with excellence” is our objective and your business’s compliance with “electrical safety at workplace” standards is our business. Our services are prompt, competitive and reliable. For us service stands for Significance, Excellence, Reliable, Valuable, Informative, Competitive, and Extraordinary. Our technicians are well equipped, skilled, qualified and continuously updated with information and standards of this legislation, that is required for your business to meet obligations and comply with it.  Our professional services are unmatched and we stand out from the crowd due to our value added features like 24/7 0800 (toll free) calling, 30 minutes response time to our customer’s query, reminder of when the next service is due, wide network across New Zealand and many more…..

Express Test and Tag St Marys  proficiently carry out Visual and Defect Checks in accordance with AS / NZS 3760: 2010 standards. We test a variety of devices. Each approved item is inspected for damage and or wear and then tested on our state of the art equipment to ensure safety and legal compliance.

We provide a detailed report of test results, which assures you that testing has taken place and the same can be presented to support any investigations, if required.

Our Services and Special Offers

We service corporate offices; mid and small size businesses, construction sites and every other place where electrical devices are utilized. National contracts are welcome.

Introductory offer: 20% discount on the first 100 appliance test to our new clients.

Referral discount: 10% off first 100 appliance test during next service.

Special rates: For national contracts

Although, our services have no boundaries, geographically, the primary areas of our service are Auckland CBD, Auckland Harbor, Parnell, Grafton, Newmarket and surrounding suburbs of Auckland. National contracts are welcome

I, Mit Kagathra (Owner – Operator) of Express Test and Tag St Marys, have been in the service industry over the past 20 years, primarily in Auckland. At Express Test and Tag Auckland, we collectively believe in delivering a high standard of service and going extra mile to exceed customer expectations. Service is our passion, customer is a key to our success and we truly believe it as a reason of our existence. Successfully maintaining long term professional relations with our clients is our DNA.