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Testing and tagging of electrical equipment is so important for your safety and the safety of your staff. It is extremely important to make sure your work place is compliant with the New Zealand Health and Safety Standards.


Express Test and Tag New Market will help you ensure your work place is safe. We are trained professionals, are fully equipped and will give you peace of mind for your electrical safety. We offer prompt, professional service including commercial and domestic appliance testing, RCD, cables, power tools, kitchen appliances, radiation leakage testing and three phase testing.

Areas we service:

New Market

New Market Central

And surrounding areas.

Types of Services:

Testing appliances and cables as per guidelines provided by Health and Safety.

Cable Testing:

Cables are an integral part of any appliance. Cables can be defective or non-compliant and can get damaged over time. Express Test and Tag New Market can test and tag these cables for you.

RCD Testing:

Residual-current device (RCD) or residual-current circuit break (RCCB), is a device that instantly breaks an electric circuit to prevent serious harm from an electric shock.

Power tools:

A power tool is a tool that is actuated by an additional power source and mechanism other than the solely manual labour used with hand tools. The most common types of power tools use electric motors.

Kitchen Appliances:

Home appliances are electrical/mechanical machines which accomplish some household functions, such as cooking or cleaning.

Three Phase Power Testing:

Three-phase electric power is used to power large motors and other heavy loads.

Express Test and Tag New Market is your go to service for any electrical equipment testing and tagging needing to be completed in your home or work place. We are certified professionals who are willing to work early mornings, after hours’ weekdays and weekends. Call Express Test and Test New Market on 0800 EXPRESS now! Peace of mind for your electrical safety!

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