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Welcome to Express Test & Tag Drury!

Welcome to Express Test & Tag Drury! Having your electrical appliances tested and tagged can ensure your safety from fire and electric shocks in the workplace and home. Did you know that any damage incurred from faulty appliances, such as electrical fires, may not be covered by insurance if you cannot prove that you had up to date test and tagging completed? Express Test & Tag Drury can help you ensure that your business is compliant with electrical and OSH regulations, which can save you from incurring nasty fines.


At Express Test & Tag Drury, we visually inspect all appliances as many faults are not visible to the untrained eye. There is no way to know that your appliance is safe without testing by a trained professional. You will always receive outstanding customer service when you use Express Test & Tag Drury! We aim to provide you with a service that causes as little disruption to business as possible, which is why we have flexible appointments to suit your busy schedule. You will always receive an honest, efficient and reliable service that places emphasis on safety, when you use Express Test & Tag Drury. For your peace of mind, we are fully insured and have received the best training.

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Express Test & Tag Drury specialises in the following services:

Earth Leakage Tests

Microwave Testing

Visual & Defect Testing

Electrical Appliance Testing

Express Test & Tag Drury is available throughout:

Drury, Opaheke,

Pahurehure, Rosehill,

Massey, Papakura,

Red Hill, and surrounding areas.