Test and Tag Avondale

Welcome to Express Test & Tag Avondale! We are here to keep your home and workplace safe as well as protect your investment. It is vital for all electrical equipment to be tested to avoid fatal injuries, or even possibly death, that can be caused if your equipment is faulty.

Many people don’t consider the importance of testing their home appliance. Electrical equipment is used on a daily basis, and don’t just include power tools and construction items. Your home is full of appliances in the kitchen that are frequently used and kept in the home for years. From kettles and microwaves to vacuum cleaners and power boards, all of your electrical goods need to be checked.


For your convenience, we provide the flexibility that full time workers often require. We are available at any time of day on any day of the week with a reliable and efficient service that guarantee your 100% satisfaction. We can also contact you to remind you when you’re due to be retested!


At Express Test & Tag Avondale, we use high quality equipment to ensure we provide you the best testing and tagging service. Our affordable prices cater for any job, no matter the size. If you need to get your phone charger tested, or a range of construction tools tested, we will give as much time as you need to get your job done and provide a free report for all your tested equipment.

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